We help Organisations get back into their swing

Sometimes, organisations go through stages when certain symptoms appear, such as a difficulty to adapt to new markets, staff demotivation, low productivity levels, lack of creativity to address new challenges, etc.

At Ghenera we help you bring all the key elements (strategy, markets, people, suppliers, manufacturing, etc.) back into line, so your organisation will again have the perfect swing.

Because small changes can mobilise an entire business

We help organisations to indentify which challenges it is important to address at a certain time and in what specific context.

We design tailored projects and fully involve ourselves in their implementation.

At Ghenera, we work with teams made up by people from your own company to address the target issues.

Because we are convinced that with a small team we can push the whole pack forward.

Would you like to know how?

All our projects are tailored to your needs

Within any organisation, a number of opportunities and difficulties are continually arising.
We help you to take advantage of the former in order to get to new places, and we help you understand the difficulties and especially to address them with the minimum cost and to learn from them.

We listen to you as long as it takes

We are experts at listening, at helping an organisation to understand which could be the key issues affecting a specific situation, and then we define a project to help the company move forward.
Do not hesitate to call us, especially if you are not sure what the causes and what the effects are… but you feel something is not quite right.

We design a project proposal

When designing each project, we combine different methodologies, (shared understanding dynamics, coaching, development of high performance teams, in-depth interviews, training workshops, skills development workshops, etc.) according to the specific features of each company, its culture, the challenge required to be addressed, the company’s strengths, and its environment.

We review and fine-tune the porposal with you

We review with you the project proposal combining different tools that we can provide and which we have successfully tested in different organisations and contexts.
Together we define a project with specific goals, methodology, scope, persons involved, timeframe, etc.

We assist you in the implementation of the project

We work side by side with the company, holding as many follow-up meetings as are required, to ensure that the targeted goals are addressed.
We are flexible in terms of the methodology, the pace of implementation… depending on the specific internal and internal context within which the project is being carried out.

We assess the goals achieved

Upon completion of the project, we are not only concerned with meeting the established goals, but also leaving the most robust teams and strategies in place.


Our philosophy is based on mutual trust between the consultants and the company.

Our challenge is to adapt to the culture of every organisation and assist the company in addressing those issues of greatest concern or those preventing it from evolving and adapting to new challenges.

That is why we give such importance to a fluid working relationship with and commitment on the part of our customers, so that for a few months we also feel part of the company.

Team leadership development

An organisation will get as far as its management team can reach.

Our work with the management team focuses on ensuring that they are really able to work as a team within the Management Committee and with the rest of the organisation, and also capable of leading all the other business development and business result efforts.

Specialists in overcoming obstacles in organisations

We have more than 50 years’ combined experience assisting organisations in overcoming obstacles and optimising their work.

This experience gives us a unique insight into every situation and allows us to generate the solutions best suited to every context and situation.

Do not hesitate to call us; we shall be delighted to listen to you.

If you want to meet new challenges in your organisation, contact us

By phone at any of these numbers: 650 377 615 /
946 004 127
Or email us at alfonso@ghenera.com
You can also reach us at: Calle Artaza 8, esc. Dcha. 4ºA 48490 Bizkaia
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